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Results In Advance Planning

Investors have a unique vision for their retirement lifestyle. So why do most investors and financial advisors take the same cookie-cutter approach to this very important planning process? While very important, retirement income planning is not solely about your investments.

Our proprietary Retirement Income Audit puts your unique vision first, statistically analyzing every component of your financial situation. With a fair degree of certainty, our system will display the likelihood of your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle throughout retirement. The Retirement Income Audit analyzes:

  • Your current investment/income strategy
    • Are you really diversified?
    • How much risk you taking in your current portfolio?
    • What risk management system do you have in place to protect against another market crash?
    • What are your investments costing you and is there a way to reduce fees?
    • Can your portfolio keep up with inflation?
  • Social Security Optimization
    • When is the best time for you to take Social Security?
  • Pension Optimization
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Planning
  • Rental Properties/Income
  • Tax Situation and Strategies
  • Surviving Spouses Needs
  • Healthcare/Catastrophic Illness Risk
  • Estate Planning Issues
  • Business Ownership/Interests

This one-of-a-kind analysis will show you, in plain and simple terms, where you stand today. From there, Newport Wealth Advisors can advise you on what can be done to optimize your financial situation.

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